2019 Diversity + Inclusion
Annual Report


To meet the needs of our team members, customers, dealers, suppliers and society, D+I plays a critical role in everything we do.”

Jim Lentz

CEO, Toyota Motor North America

“The hardships she’s endured and overcome — a lot of people don’t understand real challenges and real issues,” says Russell. Yet, he says Katie has an incredible attitude.

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Driving Inclusiveness

“Our strength is our team members and their ability to be their whole selves here.”

Deb Schroeder, Vice President, Purchasing, Toyota Motor North America

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Diversity and Inclusion lie at the heart of Toyota’s evolution as a mobility company. Now, more than ever, engaged team members with diverse perspectives and experiences help us develop innovative products, solutions and services that delight our customers and enrich our communities.``


General Counsel, Chief Legal Officer and Chief Diversity Officer, Toyota Motor North America

“I wanted to reach women and provide an avenue for them to reach me through a program that runs in the vein of D+I.”

Billie Jo Johnson

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Toyota is part of the Society of Women Engineers’ Corporate Partnership Council — industry leaders who share best practice expertise in retention, advancement and diversity initiatives.

“M-TEN is a smart investment and one of many ways that Toyota acknowledges the value of transitioning service members and veterans.”

Johnnie Garlington

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The Evolution Toward Mobility

While our journey is a road with many paths, our direction is clear. We are focused on driving toward mobility for all. Our belief in equality, respect and inclusive treatment of all people guides and empowers us to start our impossible.

Through diverse and collective thought, we drive innovation in an ever-changing marketplace. We drive positive impact for our team members, suppliers, dealers, communities and stakeholders through our commitment to Diversity and Inclusion (D+I), and we drive influence in education through investments and partnerships that help open access to opportunity.

Did You Know?

Tupelo Transit provides 15,381 annual rides to Tupelo residents, which includes 9,800 assisting people with disabilities.

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Driving Innovation

“Empowering women of color and giving them the confidence to be bold, as well as providing an advocate through Reach, helps us establish ourselves and understand what it takes to advance.”

Roslyn Barker, Manager, Quality Engineering

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Driving Impact

“Toyota helped me understand the company culture and the Toyota Way, provided me exposure, and helped me see how I could grow professionally and personally.”

Tierra Kavanaugh Wayne, co-founder and CEO of TKTKONNECT, a Tier I Toyota supplier

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How We Drive D+I

Moving toward mobility for all is a collaborative effort. It requires diverse perspectives and guidance from our internal and external stakeholders who uphold the pillars of The Toyota Way: Continuous Improvement and Respect for People.


Comprised of Toyota’s most senior leaders, the EDIC reinforces D+I strategies as imperative business drivers — working with the DAB and our D+I team, EDIC advocates and supports D+I strategies within their functions.


The TFS Management Committee serves as the executive D+I council at TFS and helps drive Toyota’s consumer and dealer finance and insurance business in the United States while supporting D+I strategic efforts across the company.

Bringing everyone to the table so they feel empowered and included — free to contribute their individual perspectives is what make us so strong.”


General Manager, Diversity and Inclusion, Toyota North America


There are 88 Business Partnering Group chapters across Toyota North America with 12 Different Affinities.

Rooted in Continuous Improvement and Respect for People, we are committed to cultivating an ever-better world by creating innovative and sustainable mobility solutions for all — we’re going places, together — powered by our people.

We are transforming impossible to I’m Possible.

Diversity Advisory Board (DAB)

Global diversity leaders who advise, advocate and help hold Toyota accountable to its D+I strategic direction.


Toyota is committed to fostering an inclusive culture that reflects, empowers and respects diversity in leadership.
Source: DiversityInc 2018 Benchmarking Report reflecting Toyota’s total management demographics


Influence in Education

Driving Influence in Education

“Programs like NaviGo allow students to see if they really want to be in our industry.”

Angela Lyle, Supply Analyst, Product Support Division, Service Parts and Accessories Operations

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Toyota has been the #1 Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) brand for Hispanic, African-American and Asian buyers for over a decade.

Did You Know?

The 800,000 square foot Toyota North American Parts Center Kentucky is Toyota's largest parts procurement and distribution facility

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My commitment to D+I is continuing to be an advocate for small and diverse businesses through outreach, innovation and networking.”


Supplier Diversity Manager, Toyota Financial Services

My D+I Commitment

“We wanted to raise awareness and love of the Lexus brand for future buyers and also build a story around innovation and technological advancement for our consumers who are thought-leaders, early adopters of new technology and automotive enthusiasts.”

MaryJane Kroll

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for Black Panther content on Lexus’ YouTube channel — the most ever for any piece of Lexus content


Road Ahead

The Road Ahead

Toyota's commitment to D+I isn't just about acknowledging and responding to marketplace changes. It's even far beyond vehicles. We choose to evolve in an ever-changing world because we're on a mission to create innovative and universal mobility solutions — for everyone.

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We want to build a great relationship with our community and be able to invest in the things that are important to our community and our customers.”

Julia Wada

Group Vice President, Corporate Strategy, Strategic Innovation, Operational Excellence & Enterprise Program Management